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Earth Day (Journée de la Terre) : April 22, 2023

Par VIOLAINE SERVOS, publié le jeudi 20 avril 2023 09:44 - Mis à jour le vendredi 12 mai 2023 16:52
A l'occasion de Earth Day (Journée de la Terre) qui aura lieu samedi 22 avril 2023, des 1ères suivant la spécialité "Anglais Monde Contemporain" ont travaillé sur la problématique de l'environnement

A la rentrée, vous découvrirez de nouvelles affiches dans le couloir du bâtiment A, tout près du CDI. Elles ont été réalisées par un groupe de 1ère AMC (Anglais Monde Contemporain) dans le cadre d’un chapitre intitulé « Towards a Greener Future ». Voici quelques points clés pour la préservation de l'environnement (in English, of course !) :

Green Energies

A green energy is renewable and sustainable. There are several types of ecological energies like solar panels, wind turbines, wood heating, dams, organic fuel, biogas... All these methods improve our way of life and they are more eco-friendly !

A few concrete examples in more details :

Solar panels can be installed on houses, buildings, farms... They are a lot cheaper than in the past. Thanks to them, people can have less expensive electricity bills.

Dams take advantage of the water power to turn it into energy (and then electricity).

Wind energy depends on the air movement and its speed. The mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy thanks to the blades.

Geothermal energy extracts the heat found below the surface of the earth. It is then used to heat a place or it is converted into electricity. This is both affordable and ecological !

Fast fashion

When people work to regularly produce new fast fashion items, they work in sweatshops which are factories in which employees work too much with appalling working conditions and very low wages. Their health is actually threatened. These sweatshops produce a huge amount of cheap (but trendy) clothes to cope with regular new fashion trends (turning previous clothes into old-fashioned garments). This fast fashion industry damages the environment because of all the waste they throw away, the transport they entail... For instance, Shein or Zara belong to the fast fashion industry.

Fortunately, there are some eco-friendly clothing brands that try to respect sustainable development principles. If you want to purchase more intelligently, buy garments produced locally or second-hand clothes or you can even mend your clothes instead of throwing them away !


This is a lifestyle that aims to remove clutter from all facets of life that is to say living with things you really need. Indeed, the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect.

It takes its origins in the arts (simple lines, only a few colors, careful placement of these elements…). Minimalists search for happiness not through things but through life itself, thus it is up to you to determine what is necessary in your life.

Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd every year to support the environment. It began in the USA in 1970 after an oil spill in California. In 1990, it became a global celebration with the participation of 192 countries. On this specific day, people can plant trees, go to work by bike, pick up trash in their neighborhood...

Then, how can you participate ?

First, you can unplug your electronic devices once charged. Then, you can also carry a reusable water bottle. Otherwise, you can use your bike to go to school (bonus : you will be fit !). Finally, you can plant a tree in your garden !